National Law School of India University, situated in Bangalore, is India’s premier law institution. Established In 1988, it has been a pioneer in the field of legal education with emphasis on research oriented interdisciplinary studies. The University and its students have always taken a keen interest in organizing co-curricular activities such as moot court competitions, debates, quizzes, seminars, symposiums, etc. 

Entrepreneurship, in itself, entails risk taking which resonates with NLSIU’s anthem ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’. This risk taking can be for purposes ranging from advancing the capitalistic profit making ideas to socialist welfare providing ideas. We, at NLSIU, believe that if risk taking is something that you like, you should collaborate with others, who are just like you, to sell the ideas to the world, and make it a better world. With this encouragement and to nurture this spirit on campus, the Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) was established.

We at E-Cell believe that there is a lack of exposure to social side of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship in general in Law Schools. Even if there are students who have a certain idea that they want to pursue, the culture and hectic schedule in law schools usually curbs down that desire to start something new. And the most basic question that arises is ‘Where to Start?’ There is a common saying that we are ‘The Leaders for Tomorrow’, we at E-cell believe in the idea of ‘The Leaders for Today.’ The aim of E-cell would be to foster the needs of young minds and their ideas, while striving for change. We, as aspiring entrepreneurs, who come from law background want to promote the culture of risk taking and the values it entails, hoping to make a difference. The mission is to create an environment conducive of learning about entrepreneurship, especially for people who come from purely legal background.


History of Entrepreneurship in NLSIU


Registration Rules, Regulations and Eligibility:

  1. The registrations will be done as teams. Participants can compete in a team of 1-4 members. Each team should consist of 1-4 members, with one member as the Team Leader.

  2. Only students enrolled in undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate programmes in University Grants Commission (UGC) recognized Indian universities are eligible to participate in i-Pitch 2020.

  3. Participant age must not cross 25 years as of 4th April, 2020.

  4. There can be multiple teams from the same college/ university.

  5. A participant cannot be a member of more than one team. In case of such a discrepancy, both the teams will be disqualified.

  6. Registration for Round 1 of the ‘Idea Pitching Competition’ i-Pitch 2020 is free.

  7. The shortlisted teams will have to pay INR 500 per person for being allowed to present their idea to the Jury, which will consist of experts from the industry.

  8. Ideas submitted as part of a team must represent the original work of the team members.

  9. Teams must answer each question in the questionnaire in detail in order to be considered for evaluation.

  10. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

  11. Any details submitted cannot be changed post submission.

  12. The team members are required to submit a digital copy of the student ID card for identification. The E-Cell, NLSIU may ask for a government approved identification proof if required.

  13. The e-mail id and phone number used for registration will be used as the medium of contact throughout the competition.

  14. Teams must comply with the judging criteria, and the final decision of the Judges.

  15. Rights to all the final decisions related to the competition remains with E-Cell, NLSIU.

  16. Any misconduct during the course of the competition would lead to disqualification of the team.

Kindly adhere to the rules and regulations mentioned above. If any of the above rules are violated, the submission will be deemed null and void and subsequently disqualified. Teams can be asked to provide proof for the above at any time during the competition cycle and in the eventuality of any wrong detail/information, the registration can be disqualified. E-Cell, NLSIU retains all rights for disqualification of registrations.

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