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What is NLSPH?

The pandemic has exposed a lot of gaps in our policy and governance structure, these unresolved issues and gaps have accentuated the impact of the pandemic on the Nation’s daily life. It is not only the pandemic, but its concurrency with policy problems, such as unsecured income, unsustainable jobs, lack of medical facilities, etc. that diluted the GDP to -23.9%, didn’t we saw this coming? wouldn’t the pandemic be less devastating, had we resolved other policy issues earlier?


In pursuance of our goal to promote policy making, E-Cell is proud to announce that it will be conducting its first ever Law School Policy Hackathon. Spanning the course of two days, participants from all across India will engage in a battle of wits to come up with creative and innovative solutions to a number of problems ranging a variety of topics.


Policy Hackathon is a Public Policy Case Competition which will encourage students to think critically, analytically, and creatively to present policy solutions to real problems. It will be a competition where students from different colleges can form teams of four. The teams will be provided with a Policy Case Problem which will be of prominence in the Indian context. The teams will be judged on the best solution they can provide.

The Policy Hackathon 2021 is a unique virtual platform which will engage students from renowned institutions across disciplines to deal with important policy issues concerning India for the next decade. The Hackathon will also feature panel discussion with eminent academicians, activists and practitioners on issues of public concern.     

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National Law School Policy Hackathon | Stream 1

Cyber Law and Policy with the Centre for Cybercrime Investigation Training & Research [CCITR], Government of Karnataka.

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Registrations Closed on 31st December 2020


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